Exploration (20/2/2018)

Today we went exploring La Serena. Let’s just say I am dubbing this town as the weirdest place I’ve ever been to in my life. We walked around the churches which were beautiful and lovely. We then stumbled upon on a garden, which turned out to be a terribly creepy zoo only to walk to … Continue reading Exploration (20/2/2018)


Feeling blah (19/2/2018)

Today we explored Valparaiso and it was glorious! We spent two hours walking through the streets looking at the beautiful street art. I was in awe of such wonderful pieces and slightly jealous that my talent lies elsewhere. As to where that is... I am not yet sure... but I shall figure it out one … Continue reading Feeling blah (19/2/2018)

Explore the great open roads (18/2/2018)

Today we caught a bus to Valparaiso. This is a major city and seaport in the country of Chile, located 1.5 hours from Santiago. Valparaiso is a very beautiful city, a mix between; poverty and modern buildings, flat ground and extensive hills, beautiful streets and rubbish adorned areas, beautiful smells and disgusting eye watering scents … Continue reading Explore the great open roads (18/2/2018)

Death Sentences, Trekking and Missing Animals (16/2/2018)

Today we went to adventuring the Parque Metropolitana de Santiago. When we arrived we bought a one way ticket to go on the Funicular. For those that don’t know, it is a train that is pulled on a pulley system up a very steep mountain. It didn’t seem particularly safe as we looked at how … Continue reading Death Sentences, Trekking and Missing Animals (16/2/2018)